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Northwest Manufacturing Initiative

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Final rept. 12 Jun 2010-31 Aug 2013

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Advanced manufacturing and applied research in automation continue to be areas that are important to our national engineering infrastructure, industrial competitiveness and preparing the next generation through education. The Oregon Institute of Technology has demonstrated great progress in the areas of product development, autonomous robots and composites manufacturing over the last 3 years due in great part to the grants provided by the US Army. Through a collaboration between the ManufacturingMechanical program and the Computer Software Engineering Technology program, a Smart Materials Warehouse that is run with robots and monitored by an eye in the sky IP camera was developed. Product development capabilities have been greatly improved with the addition of a 130W CO2 laser and a CNC foamwood router. Finally, the composites area has been enhanced with a filament winder developed in house. The results are presented in this report and have helped increase enrollment and Oregon Techs national rankings. Analysis of physically vapor deposited hard Cr, Ti, and Zr base coatings deposited onto HRC 52 low alloy steel at 250 deg C substrate temperature. Evaluation included TEM ,SEM, Erosion testing, acoustic emission, scratch testing, strain to failure methods. Coatings were ranked. Cold Metal Transfer CMT pulsed GMAW to deposit AWS ER 307 onto HRC50 hardened steel coupons ranging from 2 mm to 6.35 mm thickness. Single layer deposit height ranged from 1-2 mm thickness. A minimum heat input of 0.066Kjmm was used. Fiber reinforced plastic FRP composite materials offer many advantages over metals, however, FRP composites exhibit some distinct disadvantages such as defects, limited performance data, limited repair technology, and high fabrication cost. Ultra-hard ceramic coatings such as diamond, nanocomposite and AlTiN were applied into the tools for CFRP drilling.

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  • Laminates and Composite Materials
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