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Interagency Command and Control Approaches in Amazon Environment to Include, Trust, Cultural and Personal Relationship into a C2 Model

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The Brazilian Amazon has more than 5.5 mi km2 covered by a tropical broadleaf forest. There are fewer than 15,000 km of roads, mostly unpaved. Cities are sparse and most transportation occurs on 30,000 km of navigable waterways. There are seven countries bordering Brazil in the Amazon region, with a total of more than 11,100 km of borders. Logistics and communications in the Amazon region are extremely difficult, there is little infrastructure, and it is more than 1500 km away from major cities. The Brazilian population that lives in the region is mostly low-income and survives by fishing. There are several areas of environmental conservation and indigenous reserves, which cover about 40 of the territory. The presence of government institutions in the Amazon is restricted to the capital, which leaves the borders with insufficient personnel to perform security, given the logistical difficulties of accessing remote sites. The Brazilian Armed Forces are deployed along the Amazon border to defend the homeland from external threats and collaborate with law enforcement personnel to keep law and order. There are more than 27,000 soldiers from the Brazilian Armed Forces distributed in strategic positions along the Amazon frontier. However, the conditions of Command and Control C2 within the Amazon are extremely harsh. There is a serious lack of resources and communications infrastructure in a hot and humid climate. Also, there are differences in culture and hierarchy in the government agencies and nongovernmental organizations that work in the area doing surveillance, humanitarian assistance, anthropological studies, and the installation of basic infrastructure. As a result, cultural barriers affect the development of an effective C2 system in the Amazon. This paper presents models of C2 in the Amazon in the 20th and 21st centuries, emphasizing the influence of culture and trust as key to the effectiveness of interagency operations in that environment.

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