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The Difficulty to Document Agility Evidences from a C2 Perspective

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Agility can be defined as the capability to successfully effect, cope with, andor exploit changes in circumstances. Based on this definition, NATO SAS-085 has proposed a conceptual model of C2 agility, making the distinction between C2 approach agility the agility a specific C2 approach, and C2 agility the capacity to go from one C2 approach to another C2 approach. This paper presents a C2 agility case study and proposes some explanations about the difficulty of documenting evidence of C2 agility in military operations. SAS-085 conducted a set of case studies to find out evidences of C2 Agility. United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda UNAMIR was one of them. The Security Council established UNAMIR on the 5th of October 1993, with Canadian Brigadier General Dallaire as the Force Commander of the military component. This mission intended to help implement the Arusha Peace Agreement signed by the Rwandese parties on 4 August 1993. This lightly armed peacekeeping force was sent to Rwanda to assist in implementing peace accords between the Rwandan government controlled by Hutus, the countrys largest ethnic group and the Rwandese Patriotic Front RPF. UNAMIR II was authorized in May, 1994, but due to disputes over costs that delayed the troops deployment, only a tenth of the authorized troop strength was made available by UN member states as late as July 1994. On June 22, 1994, the UN Security Council authorized France to deploy 2500 troops Operation Turquoise to Rwanda as an interim peacekeeping force, with a two-month UN mandate. The war ended on July 18, 1994, when the RPF took control of a country ravaged by war and genocide. On July 19th, the RPF succeeded in occupying the whole of Rwanda except for the zone controlled by the French. The RPF victory ended genocide by the Hutu extremists.

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