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Toxicokinetic Study for Investigation of Sex Differences in Internal Dosimetry of Jet Propulsion Fuel 8 (JP-8) in the Laboratory Rat

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Technical rept. 1 Nov 2010-27 Jul 2013

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An estimated 2 million people per year are occupationally exposed to jet propulsion fuel 8 JP-8 or similar fuels during fueling of aircraft, land-based vehicles, equipment, heaters, and lighting sources and through other uses. Aircraft maintenance personnel exposed to jet fuel and noise at a military installation had significantly elevated odds of hearing loss that increased with exposure duration. Determination of the extent to which JP-8 reaches the blood and target tissues under various exposure conditions may permit refinement of the assessment of risk for humans exposed to jet fuel. A toxicokinetic study was conducted where male and female Fischer 344 rats were exposed by inhalation to JP-8 for up to 4 hrs, with blood, liver, cochlea, and fat sample collection during and after exposure. Blood and tissue samples were analyzed for 25 JP-8 components. The amount of data useful for time course determination from this study was limited. Explanations for the paucity of data useable for pharmacokinetic modeling included the likelihood that many analytes were below the level of quantitation, contamination or storage losses, and possible strain and sex differences compared to previous studies. Some apparent sex differences in the frequency of analyte detection were observed. JP-8 components were detected more frequently in the liver of male vs. female rats, and more frequently in the fat and cochlea of female rats as compared to males. While there were analytical and methodological difficulties, these findings are consistent with prior observations suggesting that sex-related differences in JP-8 disposition could be a factor in in JP-8 inducted ototoxicity.

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  • Radiobiology
  • Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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