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Metabolomics and Prostate Cancer

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Final rept. 1 May 2010-30 Apr 2013

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We performed untargeted serum metabolomic profiling of two large population-based prostate cancer populations. Molecular features have been derived and explored for association with prostate cancer status 6,138 features, 475 subjects and prostate cancer survival 5,209 features, 534 subjects. Assessment of metabolite features revealed two features as studywide significantly associated with prostate cancer status however, due to low observed abundance we were not able to identify the molecular identity of these features. Among features indicated in pairwise analysis molecular identification revealed Caprolactam, L-Phosphatidic acid, and Peptide Tyr-Lys-Thr as possibly associated with prostate cancer aetiology. Genomewide assessment of the four top associated metabolite features implicated four genes PDE7B, NRG3, ILI3RA1 and UGT3A1 of which the association between metabolite feature 174.153 and gene ILI3RA1 was genome-wide significant P 1.4 x 10-8. This finding is interesting since although IL13RA1 itself has not been associated with prostate cancer, the alpha 2 chain of the same receptor IL13RA2 has been reported to be differentially expressed in a metastatic prostate cancer cell line, and suggested as a target for prostate cancer treatment. In summary, several metabolite features associated with prostate cancer were discovered that warrant further investigation to advance our understanding of the underlying biological processes.

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