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Forecasting of Professional Serviceability in Dangerous Conditions

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The necessity of work in a dangerous environment is a serious problem for organization of military units activities. This problem is also actual for liquidation of emergency situations and at some industrial plants. From its correct solution depends physical and mental health of workers, and sometimes their lives. This requires a thorough review of medical service organization to the extent that goes beyond the activities in a peaceful situation. There are many studies aimed at the effects of certain environmental factors on staff. Forecasting of professional serviceability in dangerous conditions of individual professionals, small groups and large contingent allow correct planning of peacekeeping, antiterrorist, search and rescue operations. Research shows the main basic behavioral reaction in a man to life threat conditions. Research also revealed that functional status organism and professional workability of staff is closely correlated with periods of psychical tensions during work. This expectance period of emergency situation of danger, a hazard period acute or prolonged action and the period of work after completion of the danger. Aggregate index of psychical tension is sufficiently objective indicator of subjective perception of danger and psychical tension, which arose in conditions threat to life. Verbal descriptions of life-threatening conditions can make a forecast of subjective perception of danger staff correctly enough. Reduced workability of staff, caused by life threatening conditions, can vary from 5 to 50. A complex of measures on preparation to work in life threatening conditions can reduce this influence by 10-20. In the case, when staff is uncertain in reliability of protection irrational behavior and panic may occur. Preventive use of protective equipment, audio duplication for optical danger signal, previous training in simulator significantly reduces the negative influence of threat to life on the workability of staff under effect o

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