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Nutrition and Resistance to Climatic Stress; With Particular Reference to Man

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Research in the field of human nutrition in relation to environment has produced a volume of literature which has long required authoritative appraisal and critical analysis. For the Armed Forces the problem of the nutritional requirements of men under climatic stress has been particularly acute, for such stress plays an important role in the efficiency, health, and morale of men exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, this thorough, painstaking review by Dr. Mitchell and Miss Edman represents a valuable contribution to the planning program of the National Military Establishment. It brings into focus, clearer than ever before, the significant findings on the subject. It describes the current status of our knowledge in regard to 1 the effect of climatic stress on nutrition and 2 the effect of dietary modifications on tolerance to climatic stress. It points out areas which need to be explored further. In addition to this monograph there was developed under this phase of the project on environment and nutrition, a card index, running to some 4000 items, of the literature on the physiological interrelationship between the animal body and its physical environment. Particular attention was given to covering the literature on man and the relation between diet and stress. Summaries of the articles are included and a full bibliographical reference is given in each instance. The subject matter is conveniently classified for the use of Institute and other workers in this field. The Food and Container Institute is happy to have supported this study through funds supplied by the Research and Development Brand of the Office of The Quartermaster Genera. It takes pleasure in presenting what it considers to be a volume of outstanding worth in the field of human nutrition.

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