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Portable 3D/4D Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System

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The rapid diagnosis of invisible internal injury in an austere and hostile front-line operational environment remains a challenge for Canadian Forces medical and search and rescue personnel. The availability of a portable 4D-ultrasound imaging system with a single probe, providing high image resolution and deep penetration, is considered by civilian medical practitioners and their military health services counterparts as exceedingly helpful, if not essential in supporting triage and medical decisions to save lives. However, portable and easy-to-use 4D non-invasive medical imaging systems are not yet commercially available, primarily because of unresolved major technological and engineering challenges. Available portable ultrasound systems only provide 2D images, requiring a medical professional to mentally integrate multiple images to develop a 3D impression of the scanned objects. This practice is time-consuming, inefficient, and requires a highly skilled operator to administer the scanning procedure. Defence RD Canada DRDC is developing a Portable 3D4D Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System PUDIS to address the above-mentioned challenges. Our proposed approach to address the conventional 2D ultrasound imaging limitations is to implement 3D adaptive beamformers in portable 4D ultrasound imaging systems, that can improve image resolution for low frequency planar array probes. Along these lines, DRDC has allocated significant investments to develop an advanced, fully-digital 4D 3D-spatial 1D-temporal ultrasound imaging technology for improving image resolution and facilitating auto-diagnostic applications to detect non-visible internal injuries, based on the volumetric imaging outputs provided by a 4D ultrasound imaging system that includes A 32x32 sensor planar array ultrasound probe with a fully digital data acquisition peripheral A portable ultrasound computing architecture consisting of a cluster of DSPs and CPUs

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