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Co-expression of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor and Stem Cell Markers: A Novel Approach to Target Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells

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Annual rept. 1 Swpt 2011-31 Aug 2012

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The purpose of this project is to determine whether the Follicle-stimulating Hormone Receptor FSHR is co-expressed with a sufficient number of ovarian cancer stem cell markers to consider it as a new experimental target for novel nanotechnology approaches capable of destroying ovarian cancer stemprogenitor cells OCSCs. The work scope involves determining whether 1 ovarian cancer ascites cells co-express the FSHR and several OCSCs as determined by fluorescence-activated cell sorting FACS and RT-PCR, 2 cultures cloned from a single cell demonstrate co-expression and 3 ascites cellstumors formed in nude mice continue to co-express the FSHR and relevant markers. To date, we have demonstrated that the FSHR is definitively co-expressed with the OCSC markers CD44, Notch 2, and Nanog FACS andor mRNA replicated, marginally expressed with CD133, Notch 3, Oct 4, ALDH1, and LGR5 require additional replicates and is not co-expressed with Notch 1 or 4, CD117,or ABCG2. FSHR Notch 2-expressing cells in primary culture expressed FSHR mRNA after several generations in an amount consistent with stem cell characteristics. Nude mouse experiments to confirm co-expression in vivoare on-going. These results are very encouraging and if extended could justify further experimentation to ascertain whether the FSHR might be a realistic target enabling very specific destruction of OCSCs.

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