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Evaluation of the Performance of the Wuhan Cubic 3100P Coal Gas Analyzer

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The Renewable Energy Testing Center RETC is a uniquely equipped testing facility that is focused on the evaluation and testing of renewable energy technologies. The facility is capable of fabricating, operating, and testing the performance of technologies using a number of analytical techniques. The facility is operated by Technikon under contract with the U.S. Army ARDEC. Technikon brings its wealth of technical and management experience to support and evaluate the prospective technologies. Many renewable energy technologies are based on gasifying a solid waste material of some sort. The waste could be from agricultural sources, such as nut shells, rice hulls, or wood chips. It may also be from municipal waste streams, which include paper, plastic, food scraps, and a number of other materials. In any case, the goal is to gasify the carbonaceous material in the waste, creating hydrogen H2, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2, and methane CH4. The ability to monitor these gases continuously in real time is important to properly evaluate the performance of the equipment. Additionally the ability to monitor oxygen O2 concentration is an important piece of process safety information, because the upper and lower flammability limits for hydrogen gas are 4 and 74.2 respectivelyWeast, Robert C. ed, 1982.

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  • Electric Power Production and Distribution

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