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Development of Mine Explosion Ground Truth Smart Sensors

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Accurate seismo-acoustic source location is one of the fundamental aspects of nuclear explosion monitoring. Critical to improved location is the compilation of ground truth data sets for which origin time and location are accurately known. Substantial effort by the National Laboratories and seismic monitoring groups have been undertaken to acquire and develop ground truth catalogs that form the basis of location efforts. In Phase I, we have demonstrated the feasibility of constructing an inexpensive, compact deployable Ground Truth Monitoring System GTMS for obtaining calibration ground truth information timing, location, magnitude autonomously from mining regions. The standoff distance is to be less than 5 km and accuracies of 0.1 second in origin time, 1 km in epicentral location and 0.3 magnitude units without any human intervention are operational goals of the system. Information is to be transmitted for mine explosions that exceed magnitude 2.5. The prototype GTMS we have developed will accurately determine location, origin time, and magnitude of large explosions in the vicinity of the system, transmitting these parameters to a Ground Truth Processing Center GTPC. In addition to the source parameters, the three components of the seismic source waveform can also be recorded and transmitted via an inexpensive two-way satellite communication ORBCOMM link. The system will allow for configuration choices depending on cost constraints and information needs and employs 24 bit digitizers, a threecomponent geophone sensor, a three-component MicroeElectroMechanical System MEMS sensor, and a pressure sensor. Because we expect the signals may clip the geophone, the MEMS operates in standby mode thereby saving power and is activated by a strong ground motion switch when the high-sensitivity geophone sensor detects a possible event. The device can be turned to active measurement mode from standby mode in 10 msec.

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