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PTSD in Limb Trauma and Recovery

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Annual rept. 17 Sep 2011-16 Sep 2012

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This grant consists of three projects, each with its own investigative team, as described below. Program 1 Establishing the Parameters of Virtual Reality Environments in the Treatment of PTSD Tracie Shea, Ph.D. lead investigator. This project has obtained local IRB approval and pre-approval from the DoD. Hardware has been tested and validated and subject recruitment will begin with DoD HRPO approval. Program 2 Framework for Comparison of Display Technologies as Routes of VR Exposure Samuel Fulcomer, Lead Investigator. This project is studying the usage of the Virtual Iraq scenario to run on advanced multi-panel displays and the development of new display technology. These studies are concentrating on the technical adaptation of the current scenarios designed for head mounted displays to more high fidelity advanced display techniques. Solution of these technical difficulties will make this display technology suitable for a variety of VA, DoD, and civilian environments. Program 3A Identifying Clinically Meaningful Improvement in Rehabilitation of Lower-Limb Amputees Linda Resnik, Ph.D., P.T., O.C.T, Lead Investigator. This program was closed last year and is no longer generating information. Program 3B Analysis of Gait Mechanics of Amputees Using a New Lower Limb Prosthesis Matthew Williams, Ph.D.. The gait lab has been established in a new facility and is being used to quantify human motion in a variety of research projects. Program 4 Virtual reality and Motion Analysis to Characterize Disabilities in Lower Limb Injury Susan D andrea, Ph.D., lead investigator. This project focuses on the use of virtual reality as a tool to assess physical function. The project will utilize information gather using VR with an emulated injury and apply similar procedures to assess patients with ACL injury to document functional mobility from injury onset through rehabilitation. Currently, local IRB approval is being sought for this project.

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