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Recommendations for Making Anti-Poaching Programs More Effective in the Southern African Region through the Analysis of Key Variables Impacting Upon the Poaching of Elephants in Botswana

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Master's thesis

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The escalation of poaching in Botswana has forced the leadership to deploy its military in addressing this problem. The use of the military against poaching has experienced multiple challenges, both at the operational and tactical levels. The military was deployed in this campaign as a quasi-political decision it was thought to be a quick remedy to the poaching dilemma in Botswana. However, the quasi-political aspect has precluded the creation of a national strategy that could comprehensively address the poaching challenges in Botswana and the southern African region. Although it could be argued that the Botswana Defence Force BDF is positively addressing the poaching problem, it also could be argued that the lack of a clear policy on anti-poaching has hampered the mission. The inefficiency of these campaigns is demonstrated by continued poaching activities in Botswana. This experience has resulted in the realization that Botswana needs to rethink and redefine its national strategy on anti-poaching to increase the effectiveness of the intervention means and ways. The national instruments of power need to be comprehensively integrated, synchronized, and harmonized with a view to provide unity of effort in the operational environment to achieve the end-state. Once this is accomplished, Botswana needs to work with its neighbors Zambia and Zimbabwe to ensure that its strategy is effective. The primary research question is as follows How can Botswana improve its anti-poaching strategy to effectively reduce the poaching of elephants in Botswana Case studies of anti-poaching campaigns in Zambia and Zimbabwe are presented to show how they are addressing the challenge of elephant poaching. The secondary research questions are as follows 1 What are the major causes and impacts of poaching corruption, socioeconomic factors, ineffective governance, law and order and 2 What are the ends, ways, and means needed for anti-poaching strategies to succeed in Botswana

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