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High Performance Computing Multicast

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Final rept. Jun 2010-Sep 2011

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This investigation of High Performance Computing HPC Multicast for High-Speed Publication-Subscription Pub-Sub sought to deliver both insight into and implementation of high-performance multicast solutions that enable better utilization of cloud resources. These solutions combine improved scalability with increased consistency ensuring that expected and necessary system conditions are thus met for a myriad of critical national-asset applications that are likely to move to the cloud in the next decade. In the context of this effort, the applicability of the oft-invoked Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance CAP theorem was explored within specific environments of commonly deployed clouds, and novel insights into CAPs tradeoffs were developed between CAP and its conclusion that a replicated service can possess just two of the three. It was determined that there are replicated services for which the applicability of CAP is unclear specifically, the scalable soft-state services that run in the first-tier of a single cloud-computing data center. The challenge is that such services live in a single data center and run on redundant networks. Partitioning events involve single machines or small groups, and are treated as node failures thus, the CAP proof doesnt apply in a formal sense, as it s proven by forcing a replicated service to respond to conflicting requests during a partitioning failure, triggering inconsistency. Nonetheless, most developers believe in a generalized CAP folk theorem, holding that scalability and elasticity are incompatible with strong forms of consistency. We designed, implemented, and benchmarked the Isis2 platform a first-tier consistency alternative that replicates data, combines agreement on update ordering with amnesia freedom, and supports both good scalability and fast response. A team of students was lead in the application of Isis2 to build a large-scale distributed computer-vision landmark-recognition system,

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