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One Step Back? Reassessing an Ideal Security State for Northeast Asia 2025

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In 2009 the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation organized a series of strategy sessions and international conferences designed to carefully define the characteristics of an ideal security state in Northeast Asia in the year 2025. We identified divergent trends and obstacles to that ideal and in an international conference specifically focused on a prioritized number of issues with the intent of better understanding, and hopefully surmounting, those trends or obstacles that most threatened regional coordination and cooperation. The results from that first year of the project were published in an edited volume, Toward an Ideal Security State for Northeast Asia 2025 Mansfield Foundation, Washington D.C. 2010. In the fall of 2010, DTRA and SAIC supported a follow-on project designed to build upon and further refine the previously defined ideal state of peace and security in Northeast Asia in the context of developments in the region in the intervening year. The Foundation invited a number of the original core members who participated in the first year of this project, all renowned experts from Asia and the Pacific, to participate in a Montana strategy meeting. We also included former paper writers from our July 2009 meeting in Kanazawa, and we added a Russian representative to the core group. The primary objective of this strategy session was to take into account findings from the first year s meeting as well as recent developments in the region in the process of further refining the definition of the ideal and focusing the scope of the project on a prioritized group of issues most relevant to prospects for regional integration. Following the strategy session in Montana, nine leading scholars from the United States and Northeast Asia prepared working papers. Paper authors joined with the core group of scholars in November 2010 for a workshop and conference in Busan. The edited chapters represent papers as modified following Busan.

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