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UXO Discrimination Using Vehicle Towed and Man Portable Sensor Data Collected at Camp Beale, California

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Over the past few years there has been much research on the UXO discrimination problem whereby features derived from physics-based models fit to sensor data are used to determine the likelihood that a buried item is a UXO. Statistical and rule based classification techniques, when used with high quality EM data, have been found to be very effective at discrimination. Involvement in ESTCP Discrimination Demonstration studies have given us an opportunity to adapt and extend existing strategies for discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance UXO to emerging next-generation EMI sensors and to test discrimination performance at increasingly complex and cluttered sites. When participating in the ESTCP Discrimination Study, our technical objectives include 1 Developing robust inversion strategies to extract polarization tensor parameters from both production-type and next generation EMI sensor data that are applicable when the spatial signature of adjacent anomalies overlap 2 Further development and testing of a suite of discrimination strategies e.g., statistical classification of polarization tensor parameters, library based matching, statistical classification of data-based features at increasingly complex and cluttered sites for a wide-range of EMI sensors production and next generation 3 Develop tools and expertise to decide on the optimum discrimination strategy to apply at a newly encountered site and 4 Develop tools and expertise to determine when to stop-digging. In this presentation we provide an overview of the methods and present results of applying them to data acquired as part of the ESTCP Discrimination Demonstration study at the Former Camp Beale, CA. Results from processing data from the Geonics EM61MK2 cart system, the Metal Mapper EMI system, the TEMTADS 2H2 system, the Berkeley UXO Discriminator BUD portable sensor, and Man Portable Vector MPV sensor are presented.

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  • Magnetic and Electric Field Detection and Detectors
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