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Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy by Targeting Dendritic Cells In Vivo Using Receptor-Specific Aptamer Conjugated to Prostate Stem Cell Antigen (PSCA)-Encoding RNA

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Annual rept. 1 Aug 2010-31 Jul 2011

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Dendritic cells DCs, recognized as major antigen presenting cells, are uniquely equipped to initiate and regulate immune responses, making them a key target for developing new therapies. Although ex vivo DC therapy has shown promise, it is a customized, complex, patient-specific cell therapy that reduces its universal applicability for cancer. Directly targeting antigens to DCs in vivo will facilitate the development of an off-the-shelf tumor vaccine that circumvents the need for ex vivo DC loading. DCs express a number of specialized endocytic receptors of the C-type lectin family enabling capture of antigen by receptor-mediated endocytosis at very low concentrations. To deliver antigens to DCs in vivo, we developed artificial receptor ligands to the macrophage mannose receptor MMR or CD206, an endocytic C-type lectin receptor expressed on DCs and macrophages. An RNA aptamer library comprised of 40 randomized nucleotides and modified with 2 Fluoro-modified pyrimidines for improved nuclease resistance was selected for affinity binding to MMR. A complex selection scheme with alternating rounds on both, recombinant human and murine MMR, as well as on cells engineered to express human MMR enabled us to identify cross-reactive aptamers that recognize MMR with high affinity. A truncated, minimal version of the identified aptamer with retained receptor-binding properties gets rapidly internalized into human monocyte-derived DCs in vitro.

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