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Statistical, Seismic Stratigraphic, and Facies Analyses and Synthesis of Data and Results From Cruises 331293, 221196, and 221296 on the Western Pacific Margin

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The University of Alabama Seismic Stratigraphy Group UASSG is researching the relationships between variations in sedimentary boundary conditions and the stratigraphy produced by these conditions. Limited work has been conducted on relating the distribution of near-surface seismic facies and variability in depositional environment boundary conditions. The study area on the Western Pacific Continental Margin WPCM is a region with high sediment supply and large magnitude hydrodynamic sediment transport processes, so there may be a high degree of correspondence between the sedimentary processes active on the margin and the preserved stratigraphy. It may be a situation in which the sedimentary processes and recent stratigraphy are in dynamic equilibrium. This situation may be rare today, but understanding it is essential to understanding systems for which the record of sedimentation is much less complete. The objectives of this research were as follows 1 collect high-resolution seismic data on margins with extreme depositional boundary conditions and subject these data to sequence stratigraphic and seismic facies analyses to characterize the magnitude of the impact of variation in depositional regime on seismic stratigraphic architecture and seismic facies distribution, 2 quantify the nature of horizontal and vertical seismic facies heterogeneity within a sequence stratigraphic context and develop stochastic models of seismic facies heterogeneity produced under the depositional conditions described above, 3 assess the impact of the depositional processes from margins with extremely different boundary conditions on the stochastic models of vertical and horizontal distribution of seismic facies, and 4 determine the minimum data required to predict the distribution of seismic attributes on margins with various depositional boundary conditions by conducting sensitivity tests on survey spacing and associated changes in the distribution of mapped parameters.

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  • Physical and Dynamic Oceanography
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