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Canadian Ranger Rifle: Human Factors Requirements Validation

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The Directorate of Land Requirements DLR is engaged in an acquisition process that will deliver a new Canadian Ranger Rifle CRR capability to the Canadian Forces CF. The aim of this project was to assist the DLR in assessing the draft operational requirements and better define the overall CF requirement for a new CRR. Eight half-day workshops were held with 135 Canadian Ranger CR personnel from four of the five Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups CRPG. The workshops were broken down into five modules background information, weapon use inventory, performance requirements, basic technical requirements, and detailed technical requirements. The in-service Lee Enfield No 4 Mark 1 rifle is generally considered a durable, reliable, and accurate weapon but is faulted for its weight, age and availability of parts, and magazine. Protection from predators, huntingsurvival tool, and a symbol of Canadian sovereigntyCR were the most important roles of the CRR. Reliability, accuracy, and durability in extreme environments were most important performance criteria. The basic and detailed technical requirements modules collected CR preferences on specific characteristics and features wanted in the new CRR. Results suggest the new CRR should be a bolt action of .308 Winchester 7.62mm calibre that is shorter and weighs less than the current Lee Enfield. Further technical requirements are presented and discussed. Overall, the results from these workshops indicate that the CR require a reliable, durable, and accurate rifle, with updated features that is lighter than the current Lee Enfield.

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