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Symmetry of the Matrix Model of Anisotropic Media with Orthogonal Eigenmodes and its Application for the Developing of Remote Sensing Polarimetric Measurement Systems in Visible

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Final rept. 1 Nov 2009-1 Nov 2010

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This report results from a contract tasking National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiyv as follows This project studied theoretically and experimentally the Mueller matrix model of crystalline anisotropic medium basing on generalized polarimetric equivalence theorem. Knowledge of these features is important for experimental retrieving the materials and media parameters and for classification of various types of media on the basis of their scattering models. Main objective of this study was determination of the conditions under which crystalline anisotropic medium has orthogonal eigenpolarizations eigenmodes. It is known all four basic types of anisotropy, circular and linear birefringence and circular and linear dichroism, each taken separately, possess orthogonal eigenpolarizations. Generalized birefringence, i.e. the case of medium simultaneously exhibiting linear and circular birefringence is characterized by unitary matrix model and has orthogonal eigenpolarizations. At the same time, simultaneous presence of dichroism and birefringence in a medium may lead to nonorthogonal eigenpolarizations. So a systematic study of conditions under which such medium may possesses orthogonal eigenpolarizations was proposed. Initial expected results of this research includes i ascertainment of generalized conditions for orthogonality of homogeneous anisotropic medium eigenmodes ii determination of structure and symmetry of matrix model for such class of media iii development of a polarimeter for the measurement of determined structures of incomplete Mueller matrices iv assembling of the breadboard of 1D polarimeter v check out of breadboard of 1D polarimeter.

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