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Use of Synthetic Antibodies Targeted to the Jak/Stat Pathway in Breast Cancer

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Annual rept. 15 Feb 2010-14 Feb 2011

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Our research objective is to develop a novel set of technologies that will target the JakStat signaling cascade in breast cancer 1. These technologies, which involve a new class of affinity reagents and intramolecular delivery tools 2, 3, have the capability of identifying the most important nodes in this signaling pathway and ultimately inhibiting or modifying them to influence effects on breast cancer cell proliferation and death. The interplay between the Jak and Stat components in cytokine signaling has been an area of intense investigation 4, 5. However, although many of the molecular interactions that occur between them and with other signaling partners have been broadly implicated in breast cancer, they are poorly characterized because of a lack of appropriate experimental tools. Consequently, a host of basic questions remain to be answered. Our goal is to develop an experimental framework to sort out the most important interactions in the pathway and establish whether there is a specific Achilles Heel that can be exploited to attack breast cancers in innovative ways. As a long-term goal, we will utilize this information to develop novel synthetic antibody reagents that can be delivered with precision and potency to breast cancer cells.

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