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Panoramic Augmented Reality for Persistence of Information in Counterinsurgency Environments (PARPICE)

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Master's thesis

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Modern Counter-Insurgency COIN and Irregular Warfare IW are increasingly complex. Contributing to this complexity is the need to develop and maintain a mental map of relevant environmental and historical factors and their interactions, generated from disparate sources of information that must be organized, processed and integrated. Compounding this challenge is the fact that mental pictures cannot easily be passed from one soldier to the next. This is a problem when the tactical situation dictates frequent changes in unit Areas of Operations AOs, and particularly in cases where units rotate on a regular basis. When units hand over an AO, the incoming unit must quickly rebuild a mental picture and narrative of its operating environment. Because of this, historical organizational knowledge is lost that could otherwise increase combat effectiveness and reduce casualties. This thesis discusses a prototype architecture for a system that will enable a vehicle crew commander to spatially input, organize and view fused tactical information through placement of 3D interactive symbols directly into the real-life on-site scene from the vehicle perspective. A panoramic camera, dashboard monitor and head tracker give the commander a complete view of the vehicle surroundings for improved situational awareness, and a 360-degree LiDAR scanner supplies depth information for accurate annotation geo-location. This system is intended to generate greater situational understanding of the complex environment present in COIN operations, in order to allow greater performance and survivability of the vehicle crew. Such a system, if fielded, can create the ability to add numerous other capabilities to the combat vehicle crew.

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