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Single Nuclear Spin Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy

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Final rept. 1 Aug 2005-31 Jul 2009

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We describe the accomplishments of the collaborative research project performed at Ohio State University OSU and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign UIUC with the support of ARO MURI grant W911NF-05-1-0414 between August 1, 2004 and July 31, 2009. Frequent interactions with Dan Rugar IBM Almaden have contributed significantly to our research. Our primary goal-single nuclear spin Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy MRFM-calls for ultrasensitive detection as signal forces will be below 1 aN. We report several foundational accomplishments central to the achievement of this extraordinary sensitivity and development of methods for applying this technique to scientifically and technologically important problems. The primary milestones include but are not limited to 1. Mitigation of sample-induced noise to enable sensitive ESR-MRFM detection of 2.3 electron spins in a 0.20 Hz bandwidth 2. Application of ultra-sensitive ESR-MRFM to the study of electron spin relaxation in spin ensembles containing of order 100 electron spins 3. Advances in development and characterization of semiconducting Si nanowires as next-generation ultrasensitive force detectors 4. Demonstration of high sensitivity Cu NMR measurements in technologically important layered metallic systems We have transferred expertise and technology for high sensitivity scanned probe magnetic resonance detection to DOD and DOE labs needing state-of-the-art spin imaging capabilities these include the Naval Research Lab NRL and Los Alamos National Lab. In work not directly supported by this grant, these projects advanced MRFM detected Ferromagnetic Resonance FMR to enable studies of submicron magnetic structures having relevance to magnetoelectronics, magnetic field sensors and the magnetic data storage.

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics

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