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Toolbox for 3D Planning and Risk Assessment of Ammunition Field Depots

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Conference paper

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A growing number of international missions of the German armed forces leads to an increasing need for ammunition storage in field depots. Therefore improved planning and risk assessment tools are needed. Type and intensity of an international mission determine the number of deployed troops and the terrain available for field camps. This defines also type and amount of required ammunition as well as storage conditions. From limitations of space and available personnel the need of optimized planning arises, including the comparison of different solutions for field depots. During the deployment changes of the mission may occur. The presented 3D planning tool for ammunition field depots allows easy and fast adaptation of the existing storage layout to changed situations. The tool is based on military regulations. It makes intense use of databases, computational geometry and relational algebra. Some risks caused by the stored ammunition and given limitations cannot be avoided. We show how the German explosive safety quantitative risk analysis software ESQRA-GE is applied to representative planning scenarios. The ESQRA-GE follows an established risk assessment methodology. Based on the modelling of physical hazards and damage, individual and collective risks are computed. Past experience has shown that, in addition to interior threats caused by stored ammunition, shelling poses a major threat. The level of passive protection against rockets provided by representative structures of the field depot for the ammunition is evaluated employing the code risk analysis software for forward operating bases - rocket, artillery, mortar RAFOB-RAM. The presented 3D tools allow the planning of ammunition field depots following the current technical guidelines of the NATO and the German Armed Forces. They provide functionalities to assess the risk due to stored ammunition and threats resulting from rocket shelling.

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