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Studies on Decomposition and Combustion Mechanism of Solid Fuel Rich Propellants

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Final rept. Aug 2008-Jul 2010

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Ramjet propulsion provides efficient operation along with very high specific thrust and is very attractive for gun launch ramjet projectiles, hypersonic cruise vehicles and hypervelocity missiles. In the present investigation, Zr based fuel rich propellants in NC-NG matrix and HTPB matrix were evaluated for ballistic performance and mechanical properties. Although both the systems are attractive to produce higher density and high specific thrust, NC-NG based systems containing 30-60 Zr produce very high burn rates, comparable with modern advanced solid rocket propellants containing powerful oxidizers and metallic fuels. Zr based fuel rich propellants are very attractive for volume restricted systems and must be considered as potential candidates for air to air and air to surface missile applications. Based on the data generated in the present study on Zr based fuel rich propellants, and on the basis of similarity in properties of Zr, Ti and Ni, there is tremendous scope for research work on Ti and Ni based fuel rich propellants, as they are capable of producing higher specific thrust and their densities are very attractive 8.9 gcc for Ni. Further, Ni produces stable combustion even at very low pressures of 10 KgCm2

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  • Fuels
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