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Migration of Research Results into Operational Monitoring Systems

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For the Department of Energy DOE Knowledge Base to support activities for monitoring nuclear explosions consistent with eventual verification activities under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty CTBT, a process is defined to ensure the integrity and utility of research results during the migration into information products for use in operational monitoring systems. The process of validating, verifying, and managing the information products ensures deliveries of high-quality Knowledge Base releases to the United States National Data Center USNDC. These activities are critical to the successful integration of scientific research to support operational monitoring systems at the USNDC. A by-product of this process is that data sets, or components of information products, that have undergone the validation and verification process may be distributed as operational calibration products to the International Data Centre. All contributors to information products, whether DOE-funded or not, will benefit from transparency of the integration process to effect successful participation in the process. As an information product passes through the steps necessary to become part of a delivery to the USNDC, domain experts, including the end-users, will provide validation -- a determination of relevance and scientific quality. The integration process continues with verification -- an assessment of completeness and correctness, provided by the Knowledge Base integrator, the information product coordinator, and the contributing organization. The information products and their constituent data sets are systematically tracked through the integration portion of their life cycle Moore, et al, 2000 Carr et al, 2000. Finally, the proposed delivery of the Knowledge Base and its constituent information products is reviewed by an Integration Board. The integration process is presented in this paper, with details described in Moore et al., 2000.

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