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Large Flattened Mode Airclad Photonic Crystal Fibers

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Final rept. 15 Aug 2006-15 Jun 2007

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This report results from a contract tasking Crystal Fibre AS as follows TECHNICAL PROPOSALDESCRIPTION OF WORK TASK 1 Crystal Fibre will conduct research and development of large flattened mode area, dual clad multi-core Yb-doped photonic crystal fiber with designs and specifications to be provided by the US Air Force. The intention is to do three fiber types each fiber type to be done in both a passive and active Yb doped version totally 6 six fibers. The third fiber type is intended to be a tuned cladding type with two differently sized airholes in the inner cladding. Depending on the outcome of the second fiber type 19 cell, the third fiber type might be changed to be a second iteration of the 19 cell fiber without tuned cladding. The fiber may be polarization maintaining PM and will be dependent on the requirements of the US Air Force. Nominal fiber designs will include 7 and 19 cell core fibers with nominal specifications of 380 micron 0.6 NA pump core, and signal core diameters to be defined. Crystal Fibre shall fabricate and deliver 1 pre-form worth but not less than 50 meters of passive and active versions of each fiber designed under this task. TASK 2 Crystal Fibre shall provide characteristics of the fiber fabricated to include core and cladding diameters, core and cladding numerical apertures, Yb doping concentration, and pump absorption at 976nm. Design ideasproposalsspecifications will be exchanged whenever needed. Deliverables are fiber samples and fiber characterization reports following each fiber sample delivery. Deliveries are expected with approximately 8 week intervals.

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  • Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics

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