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The Single Integrated Air Picture: Building Synergy for Theater Air and Missile Defense?

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The Single Integrated Air Picture SIAP coalesces various Theater Air and Missile Defense TAMD combatants into a single theater-wide entity that more efficiently and effectively defeats increasingly technologically sophisticated air and missile threats to the joint force. The SIAP produces synergy among TAMD combatants by forcing interactions that create a capability that is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Information transfer and data exchange among TAMD combatants are less than perfect. A theater of operations is typically characterized by numerous, incompatible command and control systems serving multiple agencies at varying levels of quality. Target air tracks are maintained in different coordinate frames and are synchronized to varying time standards. Moreover, differing levels of connectivity and stove piped tactical data link architectures result in an ambiguous tactical air picture within the theater of operation. This ambiguous information flow disrupts the harmonious interaction of various TAMD combatants, resulting in poor prosecution of targets within the joint forces integrated air defense system. Synchronizing TAMD combatants into a single warfighting entity requires a system that will complement disparate systems by sharing sensor, decision, and engagement data among combatant units without compromising the timeliness, volume, and accuracy of the data. The system must create an identical air picture at each combatant node. The air picture must be of sufficient fidelity to be treated as fire control quality for engagements even though another combatant 30 to 40 nautical miles away may have generated the data. If such a common, detailed database is available to provide a shared air picture as well as the ability to engage targets that are not seen by a local combatant, then a new level of warfighting capability may be attained. The SIAP provides this capability for a network of dispersed TAMD combatants.

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  • Antimissile Defense Systems
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