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Sea Basing Platforms for the 21st Century - An Evaluation of Maritime Prepositioning Force (Future) [MPF(F)] and the Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) to Perform Sea Basing

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The Navy and Marine Corps must choose a sea basing platform concept that will enable the tenets of Seabased Logistics. The Maritime Prepositioning Force Future MPFF concept replaces the existing prepositioning fleet with modern vessels adapted for sea basing needs. The Mobile Offshore Base MOB concept enables at-sea arrival and assembly, and integration of operational forces at sea through the use of strategic airlift. Comparing the capabilities of each concept to the tenets of Seabased Logistics singles out the sea base concept that is suitable for further development. The lack of assured access to host nation supported overseas bases, due to political issues, anti-access and area denial weapons, requires U.S. military forces to employ new methods to project direct and decisive power. Military and political leaders, worried about reluctance of foreign governments to allow U.S. military forces to use their territory for military operations, are looking for substitutes to replace the loss of those facilities. Sea Basing forms the foundation of generating overwhelming offensive and defensive joint power from the sea. Sea Basing maintains command-and control, delivers integrated fires, projects and sustains maneuver forces from over the horizon. Naval expeditionary logistics have provided sustainment, from over the horizon, from World War II to Operation DESERT SHIELDDESERT STORM. Maritime Prepositioning Force Future MPFF and Mobile Offshore Base MOB are competing sea base platform concepts that will enable Sea Basing by providing indefinite sustainment, reducing the footprint ashore, selective offload, adaptive response, interoperability, and force closure. MPFF concept is the best platform for Sea Basing.

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