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Dueling Doctrines for the Twenty-First Century: Operational Maneuver from the Sea in a Joint Vision 2010 Environment

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The realization that all military services must be able to fight current and future wars as a joint team has resulted in the services and Joint Staff conducting experiments to develop new equipment and doctrine for future wars. The Marine Corps is developing a concept it hopes to use as future doctrine titled Operational Maneuver from the Sea OMFTS. This concept relies on using the sea as maneuver space to land forces in areas lightly defended or undefended by adversaries. The Marines will employ forces that are capable of deploying quickly, beginning their movement from ships that are located over the horizon, moving quickly over land, and commanding their forces and fires from hundreds of miles away. Marines are focusing their forces and doctrine on the growing populations of the world living in the littoral zones. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CJCS has published his own doctrine to guide all the services efforts at future warfighting development. Published by past CJCS, General Shalikashvili, Joint Vision 2010 relies on technological enhancements of current warfighting fundamentals to create new tenets referred to as new operational concepts in JV 2010. The tenets of JV 2010 are operational maneuver, precision engagement, full dimensional protection, and focused logistics. JV 2010 states that the synergistic effect of these four tenets will provide full spectrum dominance. While OMFTS and JV 2010 generally support one another, JV 2010s broad guidance and focus on technology to create new doctrine could be problematic in the future if both concepts are employed. OMFTS provides the Marines with an operational concept capable of preparing them for future warfighting. JV 2010 does not provide an operational concept to guide the services in their preparation for future wars. The Joint Staff must provide the services with a joint doctrine that is based on an operational concept rather than on technological enhancements.

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