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Using Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology as an Approach to Understand and Optimize Operational Air Power

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The Air and Space Operations Center AOC Command and Control data center node is the senior air power element on any battlefield. The AOC provides the Commander the capability to plan and execute theater-wide air and space operations. Two primary documents are created daily the Air Tasking Order ATO and the Airspace Control Order ACO. In any operation involving air power, usually a single commander is responsible for the air power force. In a theater-size military campaign, as many as 2500 people inside a Combined Air Operations Center CAOC move massive amounts of information across multiple networks. The CAOC provides the Commander the capability to direct and supervise activities of assigned or attached forces and monitor the actions of both enemy and friendly forces. The ATO and ACO promulgate his will throughout his command. Advanced optimization methods and statistical sampling techniques may significantly help quantitatively model and understand the interaction of combatants. This paper discusses using Response Surface Methodology RSM as an approach to understand and optimize operational air power and illustrates its application using an operational training system in conjunction with a fictitious force-on-force scenario.

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  • Aerodynamics
  • Command, Control and Communications Systems

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