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Regional GIS Databases in Support of CTBT Monitoring

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To fully exploit the effectiveness of different monitoring technologies, a large knowledge base is being built. A database encompassing basic geologic information such as bedrock geology, faults, and geophysical information needs to be collected and combined for many different regions. The specific regions that our study focuses on are the United States and the Middle East and North Africa. The interest in the United States is to develop a database that can be used in the CTBT to guide on-site inspections. For the Middle East and North Africa, improvement in monitoring to advance CTBT compliance and verification is desired. The objective is to collect, evaluate, and analyze geological, geophysical, and seismic data in a Geographic Information System database and deliver files containing such data to DTRA. Currently, we have developed complete digital depth-to-Moho and depth-to-basement maps for the Middle East and North Africa region and evaluated them using 3-D gravity modeling. We have also made our first version of gridded depth-to-Moho and depth-to-basement maps of the United States. These data sets are now being evaluated and checked for accuracy and completeness. We have compiled an initial Lg attenuation map for the U.S. A first-order seismic velocity database consisting of Pn and Pg velocities in the U.S. is also being compiled along with geology and fault maps. Different types of databases are already collected and evaluated for the Middle East, North Africa, and the USA. An important component of our research is to develop complete metadata for all collected data sets. As we develop and finalize a data set, we are also developing a complete FGDC standard metadata files to accompany the digital data sets. These metadata files will be delivered along with the data sets to the R D testbed at the Center for Monitoring Research. Most of the Cornell databases can be accessed via our web site

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