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Smart Power Employment of the Navy Ship

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Master's thesis

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The United States has committed to employing smart power in its foreign policy. Both Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates have made known that the future U.S. policy will use soft power to complement the United States considerable hard power. The new policy has implications for the employment of naval ships, and future commanding officers have to understand how it will change their deployments and prepare their ship and crew accordingly. Smart power is the combination of hard and soft power. It is an approach that still requires a strong military, but also underscores the importance of alliances, partnerships, and institutions to create legitimacy for actions. In a report called the CSIS Commission on Smart Power, the Center for Strategic and International Studies CSIS took a deep look at American foreign policy to find ways to improve its image abroad and Americas influence. CSIS recommended that the United States focus on five foreign policy areas to rebuild its soft power and influence throughout the world rebuilding alliances, partnerships, and institutions renewing Americas commitment to global development especially in public health using public diplomacy to improve long term people-to-people relationships increasing the benefits of trade by fostering economic integration and addressing energy security and climate change through technology and innovation. The Navy is uniquely suited to further this strategy as it has performed diplomatic functions throughout its existence. When combined with political statements and even in lieu of them, the presence of Navy ships can relay discrete signals such as a show of interest and a show of resolve. During more tense international environments a show of force may signal the United States intent to act kinetically to resolve a crisis.

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