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A Comprehensive Model for Performance Prediction of Electro-Optical Systems

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The long-term goals of this effort are to provide reliable performance prediction and accurate system simulation capabilities for underwater electro-optical identification EOID systems. The Electro- Optical Detection Simulator EODES suite of numerical models developed under this program will predict the impact of environmental conditions, system parameters e.g., apertures and PMT gains, and operational settings e.g., platform speed and altitude on system performance. The models are designed to support mine countermeasures MCM mission planning, system design analysis, and operator training. It is anticipated that the performance prediction models will also be integrated into Tactical Decision Aids TDAs, specifically the Mine Warfare Environmental Decision Aid Library MEDAL andor the Environmental Post Mission Analysis EPMA station. The two most prominent sensor technologies in this area are Laser Line Scan LLS and Streak Tube Imaging Lidar STIL. Examples of systems using these technologies are the ANAQS-24 using LLS and a variant of the ANAQS-20 using STIL mine-hunting systems. High-fidelity models for these systems have already been incorporated into the EODES software. The EODES LLS model is currently undergoing quality assurance verification preliminary to its inclusion as a Navy Standard model in the Oceanographic and Atmospheric Master Library OAML. The STIL model will be submitted to OAML upon further validation. The Airborne Laser Mine Detection System ALMDS also uses a STIL sensor to image underwater objects from an airborne platform. An ALMDS model will also be fully integrated into EODES after further development and validation. Our objectives are to develop and validate EOID models to compute reliable metrics for the prediction of systemoperator performance, and for generating synthetic images of bottom scenes under given environmental conditions and operational settings.

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  • Lasers and Masers
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  • Operations Research
  • Optical Detection and Detectors

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