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The Development of a Joint Operational Concept, "Effects-Based Operations and Rapid Decisive Operations"

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This paper explores the parallel development of the joint operational concepts Rapid Decisive Operations RDO and Effects-Based Operations EBO with the Marine Corps emerging operational concept Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare EMW. It explores the role of operational concepts in providing future warfighting capabilities and seeks to answer the following questions How will a joint operational concept enhance future warfighting capability, and, How can the Marine Corps best contribute to the joint force of the future The paper is divided into six sections. Section I provides an overview of the future security environment in which the joint force of tomorrow will operate. Section II explores major developments in joint warfighting the Defense Reorganization Act of 1986, Joint Vision 20102020, and the evolution of U.S. Joint Forces Commands USJFCOM role in developing joint operational concepts. Section III argues the need for a joint operational concept that will be able to drive the combat development processes of the individual services. Without a joint operational concept, neither the intent of the Goldwater-Nichols Act nor the vision established in Joint Vision 2020 will be realized. Section IV examines the RDO and EBO initiatives, the USJFCOM RDO war games, and the Joint Strike Force initiative. Section V analyzes the Marine Corps efforts to develop its new operational concept EMW. Section VI provides the authors conclusions and recommendations for the future development of operational concepts. Future operational concepts must focus on the needs of the regional CinCs and provide the NCA with the greatest future warfighting capability across the spectrum of conflict. USJFCOM must be given the authority commensurate with the responsibility that they have been given as DoDs lead agency for transformation. The individual services must overcome service parochialism and actively support USJFCOM in their attempts to develop an operational concept.

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