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Comprehensive and Alternative Medicine in Preventing Radiotherapy-Induced Adverse Skin Reactions

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Annual rept. 1 Aug 2008-31 Jul 2009

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In response to radiation therapy RT, many breast cancer patients experience early adverse skin reactions EASRs due to inflammation. Therefore, we test alternative medicine with anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula officinalis and Ching Wan Hung, in RT-induced EASRs. We have tested two animal models with two ionizing radiation IR sources. First, C57BL6 mice were used and IR was performed in a clinical facility Varian 2100C Linear Accelerator. Visible signs of radiation dermatitis, such as blood vessel dilation, erythema, scales, moist desquamation, were observed from day 8 to 20 with a peak on day 16. The mice treated with Calendula Officinalis shown a faster recovery compared to those treated with Ching Wan Hung. Due to new clinical regulation, we had to change IR source. Second, SKH-hr1 hairless mice were used and IR was performed in a research facility a 100 KV X-ray machine. No significant skin lesions or signs of radiation dermatitis were observed in all groups of animals. Mild skin reactions, such as reddening and scales, were observed in medicine-treated group around days 814. In summary, appropriate radiation dosage and topical medicine control will need to be evaluated in future studies as proposed in our no-cost-extension period.

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