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Con_A-CNT (Carbon Nanotube) Conjugate with Short Wave Near-Infrared (SWIR) Laser Ablation for Tumor Therapy

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Using the characteristics of T cell mitogen called lectin protein from the jack-bean Canavalia ensiformis Concanavalin A ConA with dual activities, cytotoxicity and immunomodulation, we have shown it has a therapeutic effect on hepatoma. Injection of ConA can eradicate the established malign tumor, because ConA can induce tumor cell autophagic, cell-programmed death, as well as activate the effector T cells. Combined, in this paper, with the absorption exceeding the Carbon NanoTube CNT band-gap epsilon sub bg1CNT diameter with an active short wave near-infrared SWIR 1.21.5 micron wavelengths which happened to be translucent to the irradiation upon animal skin, similar to that used in hospital fingertip-clamped Pulse Oxymetry. Once the ConA-CNT is guided to hepatoma cells, it is bonded and internalized into the mitochondria MC compartment, the cellular energy factory. ConA has the higher specificity for tumor cells useful for targeting because of the abnormal glycosylation on tumor cells. When CNT hitch hike with ConA, they can act together like a laser-denotable chemical missile surgically targeting at the tumor cells precisely by ConA-guidance. We switch on SWIR laser, when the ConA-CNT conjugated complex has been bonded and internalized to MC of malign cells and already commenced cellular programmed death. Thus, it might appear to casual readers that we have initiated an overkill, chemical drugged autophage followed with physical laser ablation, but what if we can eradicate hepatoma totally if no blue print is left behind inadvertently in case of a partial failure. We conclude that using ConA-CNT conjugated complex targeting specifically at malign tumor cells is a novel targeted-laser-radiation therapy for tumors in mice.

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