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Next Generation Robust Low Noise Seismometer for Nuclear Monitoring

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Effective global monitoring of nuclear explosions calls for a worldwide network of seismic stations equipped with the next generation high quality digital seismometers for nuclear monitoring recording data in the 0.02-16Hz band. This project addresses these requirements it is aimed at the implementation of the next generation, very low noise, broadband, wide dynamic range, extremely robust force-balanced digital seismometer for seismic monitoring of nuclear explosions. Successful completion of this project will serve vital national interests in greatly facilitating global compliance with nuclear non-proliferation and detection of possible violations of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty by rogue states. The new seismometers should also be very competitive in various niches of the worldwide seismic market due to their valuable combination of high performance and exceptional ruggedness. The new generation seismometer uses improved electrochemical transducers built into three similar orthogonally mounted sensors, the latter based on conceptually new design ideas that, when implemented, will result in a drastic increase in signal to noise ratio. The principles of operation and detailed noise analysis of electrochemical motion sensors are presented along with the explanation of how such major noise reduction can and will be achieved. The new concept has shown to be promising based on test results of the experimental sensor prototypes. The new instruments should be easily and quickly deployable in field and stationary vault environments they will be highly reliable and offer low cost of ownership since they require no maintenance no mass locks no mass position monitoring andor mass centering over the full temperature range of -12 to 60 C. The extremely rugged design will greatly reduce the probability of damaging such instruments during transportation and handling.

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