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A Proposed Littoral Dominant Battle Group Centered Around the Arsenal Ship

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For the projected 500 million investment in a demonstrator Arsenal Ship, the Navy will likely get what it is asking for, a ship designed to help the aircraft carrier battle group make the transition from a blue-water dominant team to a littoral dominant team. Just as the Navy built the aircraft carrier battle group team and doctrine to dominate the blue-water for the past 50 plus years, the Navy now needs to build the team and the doctrine that can dominate the littoral battle space of the 21st century. The Arsenal Ship concept should center around having industry build a ship that could be the centerpiece of a littoral dominant battle group. Background The United States Navy has shifted its strategic focus from the blue-water to the littorals therefore, it would make sense for the Navy to develop doctrine and force structure to dominate the littorals. The Navy is in the process of building a revolutionary new class of warship--Arsenal Ship. The Arsenal Ships operational concept is focused on a ship that will enhance the fire power of existing aircraft carriers, land attack capable combatants and submarines. In this period of austere funding and downsizing, the Navy must look not only to new technologies but to new organizations and doctrine to effectively and efficiently meet its mandated missions. There are two areas where shortfalls exist to building a littoral dominant team 1 the Navy does not have a staff that is organized and trained to plan and execute littoral dominance operations and 2 the Navy has critical shortfalls in naval surface fire support assets. Recommendations The United States Navy should build a littoral dominant battle group centered around the Arsenal Ship a typical aircraft carrier battle group with an Arsenal Ship in the place of the aircraft carrier, and an Amphibious Group PHIBGRU commander leading it instead of a Carrier Group CARGRU or Cruiser Destroyer Group CRUDESGRU commander.

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