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Development of an Ontology-Based Tool to Support the Test and Evaluation Process for Rapid Acquisition of IED Detection Capabilities

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An adaptable adversary with a 30-day innovation cycle has driven the demand for a rapid acquisition process that compresses the current acquisition cycle. We describe the development of a tool for the Test and Evaluation TE community to enable consistent and objective application of threat intelligence to a subset of the rapid acquisition enterprise Counter- Improvised Explosive Device C-IED sensor testing. Currently there is no single standard common to all TE entities regarding development and application of threat phenomena to CIED sensor testing, which results in TE products that do not readily support the direct comparison of system performance. A tool is needed to engage the TE community to define and automate best practices to enable a consistent application of threat phenomena. The Joint IED Defeat Test Board is developing a Common IED Exploitation Target Set CIEDETS, an ontology-based decision support tool that provides consistent, repeatable application of operationally realistic threat information to C-IED sensor TE efforts. The goal is to implement a documented methodology for the development of surrogate threat observables applicable to the full spectrum of C-IED sensor TE scenarios. This article overviews the CIEDETS technology and describes how CIEDETS could be utilized for individual system evaluation and to augment the system-of-systems evaluation of an integrated aerial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ISR Task Force. The U.S. Department of Defense Counter-Improvised Explosive Device CIED community has compiled an extensive inventory of data on IED threat signatures and tactics. Currently this inventory consists of various independent data sets.

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