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A Combined Nutritional and Immunological Intervention to Activate Natural Cytotoxicity Against Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro and In Vivo

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Annual rept. 1 Jul 2008-30 Jun 2009

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The hypothesis of this Idea Award is that a combination of nutritional and immunological treatments may be effective in stimulating the bodys natural immune defenses against breast cancer. The project is examining whether treatment of dendritic cells DC with retinoic acid RA, a metabolite of vitamin A shown to modulate the differentiation andor activation of several types of immune cells, followed by pulsing the DC with -galactosylceramide -GalCer, a synthetic lipid known to alter immune function and to exert antitumorigenic activity, will reduce the growth andor stimulate natural immunity against 4T1 tumors in adult female BalbC mice. 4T1 is a syngenic breast tumor cell that does not evoke an immune response. However, natural immunity might help to fight the tumor. Results in the past year have shown that RA GalCer-treated pulsed DCs, administered to mice with 4T1 cells, alter immune cell populations, and reduce tumor size. While the tumor alone alters immune cell populations, DCs restore a more normal pattern. The effect on RA and GalCer is not directly on the growth of the 4T1 cells. Our studies with DCs will be repeated in year 3 with modifications to increase the sample size and improve the timing of tumor assessment. The results to date support the idea that a nutritional and immunological combination treatment of host DCs could be effective in reducing the growth of breast tumors.

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