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Medical Entomology Studies - VII. The Subgenus Stegomyia of Aedes in Southeast Asia. II - The Edwardsi Group of Species. III - The W-Albus Group of Species. (Diptera: Culicidae). VIII: Notes on the Taxonomic Status of Aedes Vittatus (Deptera: Culicidae) (Contributions of the American Entomological Institute. Volume 14, Number 1)

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The edwardsi group and the w-albus group of the subgenus Stegomyia Theobald, genus Aedes Meigen, are characterized. The diagnostic characters for distinguishing these groups from other Stegomyia are given. Keys to the identification of the species are provided. Information on the present status of the edwardsi group of species and the w-albus group of species are summarized in appendices A and B. The w-albus group is divided further into new subgroups. Four subgroups annandalei, desmotes, mediopunctatus and w-albus are recognized and defined, and their relationships are discussed. Aedes horishensis Yamada is regarded as a variety of annandalei Theobald, perplexus Leicester is elevated to specific status, submediopunctatus Barraud, sureilensis Barraud and mediopunctatus var. perplexus Knight and Hull are shown to be synonyms of mediopunctatus Theobald, minutissima Theobald and indosinensis Borel are recognized as synonyms of imitator Leicester and imitator Leicester is treated as a subspecies of gardnerii Ludlow. All the known stages of the 11 Southeast Asian species and subspecies, 2 of which species are in the edwardsi group and 9 species and subspecies in the w-albus group, are redescribed and illustrated. Information on type-data, distribution, biology and a taxonomic discussion of all 11 species and subspecies are presented. The female and larva of craggi, the pupae of 3 species craggi, mediopunctatus and gardnerii, and the female terminalia of 8 species edwardsi, annandalei, craggi, desmotes, mediopunctatus, perplexus, gardnerii and w-albus are described and illustrated for the first time. The female terminalia of gardnerii imitator are described for the first time. New records of 4 species and subspecies are craggi from Thailand, g. gardnerii from Sabah, w-albus from Thailand and Vietnam, and gardnerii imitator from Hong Kong and Cambodia.

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