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Marine Corps Martial Arts: One Mind, Any Weapon

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What is the purpose of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program MCMAP What should its purpose be Is this particular program usable in actual situations or is it fundamentally flawed Despite years of implementation, the program still raises doubt regarding its necessity, usability, and validity. From Okinawa to Camp Lejeune, Marines practice MCMAP techniques on plots of grass -- steadily acquiring tan, gray, and green belts. Yet doubt still pervades the force. Is it really necessary, and does it actually work Three simple but effective ideas will assist commanders in employing the MCMAP program. First, leaders must recognize the benefits of MCMAP. Second, leaders must counter-balance the limitations of the MCMAP instructors with their own war fighting education and experience. Third, leaders must encourage instructors to train to a specific end. These three ideas, coupled with clear guidance from the commander, will sky-rocket the close-in fighting skills of the Marines in any given unit. Fundamentally, these three ideas arise from an existent paradigm regarding the nature of war and the focus of a commander. The commander employs his unit in combat to accomplish the mission. In doing so, he does not limit himself to only one or two tools. Rather, he seeks to use all tools available to place his enemy in a dilemma. Anything that can be used to assist in accomplishing his mission is a tool. Hence, the value of a tool in the eyes of a commander is based on its capacity to assist in accomplishing the commanders mission. The effective implementation of MCMAP results in at least six fundamental benefits -- one primary benefit physical ability and five lesser capabilities mindset, confidence, self defense, ability to take a life by ones own hand, and compliance with the Commandants guidance.

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