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Contributions to the Mosquito Fauna of Southeast Asia. V. Genus Aedes, Subgenus Diceromyia Theobald in Southeast Asia

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The subgenus Diceromyia was originally described by Theobald 1911 151 as a distinct genus based on a single African species. Several Oriental species of the present subgenus were initially included in Aedes skusea Theobald by Edwards 1922 272 but later 1929 341 he placed them m Dendroskusea, as a separate subgenus of Aedes. Edwards 1932 172 combined the existing 4 African and 5 Oriental species under the genus Aedes subgenus Diceromyia and separated the species into group A African species and group B Oriental species. At the present time 8 species from the Ethiopian Zoogeographical Region Appendix Table 1 and 11 species from the Oriental Zoogeographical Region Appendix Table 2 are recognized as belonging to Aedes Diceromyia. For a discussion of the inclusion of kanarensis see Mattingly 196566. The present paper deals with the 7 species from Southeast Asia of which one is described as new and the male of platylepidus Knight and Hull and the female of whartoni Mattingly are described for the first time. Keys to the adults, pupae and larvae of the Oriental species are given. For the detailed descriptions of the Oriental species not found in the Southeast Asia area see Khokhar and Tariq 1966 117 chzdrai Barraud 1934 275, 444 1 periskelatus Reuben 1967 234 ramachandrai Barraud 1934 275, 444 micropterus and kanarensis. Descriptions and a key to the adults of most of the African species are given by Edwards 1941 214. He also gives the descriptions to 3 of the pupae. A key to pupae of the African species is given by De Meillon, Parent and Black 1945 93. The larvae of 6 species from Africa are described and illustrated by Hopkins 1952 116, 213 and included in a key to the Aedes. Other important papers dealing with African species of Diceromyia not mentioned above are Doucet 1951 69 grassei Wolfs 1958 298 bananea and De Meillon 1943 94 zethus.

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