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An Analysis of Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR) for the Future of Naval Aviation

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Master's thesis

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TITLE An analysis of Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance NTISR for the future of Naval Aviation. AUTHOR Lieutenant Commander Christopher S. Hewlett, USN THESIS Emerging small war environments and irregular warfare engagements have created a new requirement for military aviation intelligence asset utilization. Presently, minimal doctrine exists for integration of the vast majority of existing and emerging capabilities into the standard intelligence collection process. Despite the numerous technological advances, there is very little information in the joint arena discussing synchronization of developing sensor collection efforts. Current efforts have been successful because of effective coordination between operational units and intelligence elements through refined Tactics, Techniques and Procedures TTPs. Additionally, with Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance NTISR capabilities, the lines of distinction between targeting and intelligence collection processes are blurring. The use of NTISR from various naval aircraft assets can greatly enhance the component commanders awareness of battle spaces, allowing more rapid response to enemy movements and intent. DISCUSSION With increasing operations in the irregular, counterinsurgency and small war environments military asset utilization has reached its capacity. More non-traditional mission sets from aviation platforms should be exploited beyond their original conceptual design as a global enhancement to the military acting as an overall force multiplier. This mission shift will enhance and enable component warfare commanders to have greater situational awareness and efficiency employing forces. The ever-shifting battlefield environment requires more readily available ISR in order to match the fluid nature of the enemy. The use of NTISR resident with legacy naval aircraft assets will greatly enhance the theater commanders awareness.

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