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China's Evolution Toward Becoming a More Responsible Global Stakeholder

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Master's thesis

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TITLE The last several years have seen a noticeable rise in Chinese military investment that supports military operations other than war MOOTW on the part of the Peoples Liberation Army PLA. Participation in United Nations UN peacekeeping operations, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief HADA and a first ever Maritime Security deployment are all aspects of Chinas realization that rising to become a global power requires increased responsible stakeholder in security and stabilization. DISCUSSION China is expanding its access to resources and markets in South Asia and Africa. To have more influence in these regions, China is employing a combination of Hard and Soft Power influence. In the last decade, China has increasingly participated in UN peacekeeping operations as a multilateral effort to ensure peace and stability in areas in which China has an economic interest. The aftermath of the Tsunami on December 26, 2004, had a profound impact on Southern Asia and it was apparent by the Chinese reaction that it did not have near the capability to respond to a crisis as other nations did. In order to be recognized as a global and even regional power, China would need more than a large army, large inventory of missiles and a large GDP. The PLA would need to develop the capability to extend military influence beyond the mainland and Taiwan Straits. A combination of investment in amphibious ships, a hospital ship, transport helicopters, and large transport airplanes represent an evolutionary change from a previous emphasis on deterrence and denial capabilities. In the next decade, China will have the ability to act unilaterally if necessary to influence areas of interest and respond to crisis beyond their borders. CONCLUSION Chinas rise to become an economic power has forced a political and military policy shift.

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