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Cost-to-Complete Reporting for Iraq Reconstruction Projects

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This report discusses the results of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction SIGIR review of cost-to-complete reporting and follows up on our earlier reviews to determine the progress in implementing our previous recommendations. As of the quarter ending March 31, 2007, the Department of State DoS has yet to meet its mandate to provide the Congress with information on the uses of all Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Funds IRRF monies on a project-by-project basis, including the cost to complete each project. We were told that systems limitations related to automating the data have continued to result in unreliable data. In a written response to a SIGIR inquiry as to why cost-to-complete reports were not being submitted to the Congress, a DoS Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs NEA senior official said that NEA did not submit the required cost-to-complete information to the Congress because over the course of 2 12 years, the Congress had not requested it. However, during our review we found that the Gulf Region Division GRD of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prepared and reported project status to the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office IRMO Deputy Director and these reports contained detailed project-level, cost-to-complete information. Since May 8, 2007, GRD has provided these reports to IRMOs successor, the Iraq Transition Assistance Office ITAO. We believe that this project status information meets the intent of what the Congress has requested, yet neither IRMO nor ITAO have forwarded the GRD reports to NEA. We also believe that utilizing this project status report would not impose any additional reporting requirement on GRD -- the organization with project oversight for most of the ongoing IRRF-funded reconstruction projects. For the details on our objectives, scope, and methodology see Appendix A.

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