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Multi-Aspect Radar Algorithms (MARA) Study

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Progress rept. no. Q003, 1 Sep-30 Nov 2009

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Sci-Teq, Inc. submits this report as the third quarterly report on the 18 month study entitled Multi-Aspect Radar Algorithms MARA. The MARA study is investigating and defining a surveillance system concept for a net-sentric surveillance sensor system. The system will be comprised of multiple, geographically dispersed, multi-band, multi-static Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar ISAR imaging sensors with co-located ESM sensors. The operational objective of these multi-sensor net-worked systems is to provide area surveillance of maritime traffic with an inherent classificationidentification capability through the use of multi-static radar image generation augmented with electromagnetic signature detection and correlation. The networked surveillance system concept would be implemented using a COTS line-of-sight wireless network and GPS time to coherently synchronize and event-time the sensors operating on the network when conducting multi-static data collection and generation. The research study is defining and evaluating algorithms for the generation and processing of the multi-aspect ISAR data from the multi-static radar systems operating within the network. The research study is also investigating and defining an architecture and design for a data collection radar system to be implemented with COTS subsystems. The network will serve to time synchronize and control the operations of the multi-static radars during multi-static data collection testing and operations. The MARA project studies will also define a system of AESA based radars and Electronic Support ES surveillance ES sensors that could form an operational sensing network capable of surface surveillance coverage to the horizon, image-while-search, and independent or unified ISAR operations. All systems operating within the network will be phase-locked and time synchronized and will provide all radar imagery and corresponding ESM intercept information to all units on the network.

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  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Active and Passive Radar Detection and Equipment
  • Target Direction, Range and Position Finding
  • Naval Surface Warfare

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