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Air Force Next-Generation Bomber: Background and Issues for Congress

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As part of its proposed FY2010 defense budget, the Administration is proposing to defer the start of a program to develop a next-generation bomber NGB for the Air Force, pending the completion of the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review QDR and associated Nuclear Posture Review NPR, and in light of strategic arms control negotiations with Russia. The Administrations proposed FY2010 budget requests no funding specifically identified in public budget documents as being for an NGB program. Prior to the submission of the FY2010 budget, the Air Force was conducting research and development work aimed at fielding a next-generation bomber by 2018. Although the proposed FY2010 defense budget proposes to defer the start of an NGB program, Air Force officials in 2009 have expressed support for the need to eventually start such a program. The Air Forces FY2010 unfunded requirements list URL--a list of programs desired by the Air Force but not funded in the Air Forces proposed FY2010 budget--includes a classified 140-million item that some press accounts have identified as being for continued work on a next-generation bomber. FY2010 defense authorization bill The conference report H.Rept. 111-288 of October 7, 2009 on the FY2010 defense authorization bill H.R. 2647 authorizes no FY2010 funding in the Air Force research and development line item PE0604015F that is explicitly identified in public budget documents as being for a next-generation bomber. The report authorizes 182 million in additional funding in the Air Force research and development account for a line item identified as Other Programs, but it is not clear whether any of this funding is related to a next-generation bomber. Section 255 of H.R. 2647 makes a series of findings regarding long-range strike capability and bombers, and makes it U.S. policy to support a development program for next generation bomber aircraft technologies.

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