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Ordnance and Explosives Site Statistical Sampling Methodology (SiteStats)

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SiteStatsGridStats is a statistical sampling decision support tool that statistically characterizes the density of ordnance at FUD sites. SiteStatsGridStats was jointly developed by the Huntsville Division Corps of Engineers and QuantiTech Inc. This tool is designed to minimize the sampling requirements necessary to characterize Ordnance and Explosives OE contamination for a specified level of statistical confidence. The characterization includes a confidence interval and point estimate of contamination density using the hypergeometric probability distribution and the sequential probability ratio test. SiteStats is used to determine the ordnance density for the FUD site. GridStats a submodule of SiteStats and a stand alone program is used to determine the ordnance density for an individual grid. GridStats has significantly reduced the number of anomalies that must be investigated in a grid to determine the density of that grid. Under the current GridStats configuration, no more than 40 of anomalies have to be investigated to achieve statistical confidence of the density of the grid. Normally much less than 40 of the anomalies have to be investigated on average 20-25. SiteStatsGridStats uses sophisticated statistical techniques such as a sequential probability ratio test and clustering algorithms to both increase the statistical confidence and to decrease the data required to be investigated. SiteStatsGridStats is designed to be resident on a laptop computer, is used in the field by non-technical people and to be extremely user friendly. SiteStatsGridStats has been used at numerous FUD sites and has saved the Government significant amounts of money in the investigation stage of the Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis phase and has led to the development of much more accurate ordnance density estimates for the sites the ordnance density is required to determine the public risk inherent at the site.

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